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You and Your Stuff: Come, Listen, and Share at a Free Clutter Fairy Event!

Insurmountable clutterAll of us have a relationship to the things we own, and those relationships either work for us or they don’t. Think about it: If clutter is interfering with enjoying your life, the relationship isn’t working!

I love to help people understand and improve their relationship to their possessions. If I can encourage you to see what you own—or what owns you—differently, you can move toward making your life better. Watching that relationship change is a huge reward for me. It’s why I work as a professional organizer.

In the coming weeks, I’ll have the opportunity to speak to three diverse and exciting audiences. This Sunday, I’ll address the Houston Women’s Group at the First Unitarian Universalist Church. The Houston Women’s Group is a feminist organization with a 35-year history of gathering to share information and to enjoy each other’s company. Next Wednesday, I’m delighted to be the guest speaker for the Lunch and Learn Series at The Path of Tea, Houston’s only all-organic teahouse. Join us for a soothing break for tea, lunch, and conversation in the middle of the busy workday. The following week, I’ll be at the Clayton Library Center for the inaugural meeting of the Houston Clutter Coaching Meetup Group, a new kind of community we’re forming around the shared desire to get free of clutter.

Three very different events, but I know there’s one thing I’ll find at all of them—people struggling to make sense of their relationships to their things.

All three events are free to the public. They’re my opportunity to plant the seeds of change in the minds of those who come, listen, and share. The audiences will vary, and so will my presentations, but the underlying message remains the same: If you can improve the relationship you have with your stuff, you’ll get more joy out of your life.

Is clutter standing in the way of your enjoyment of life? Let’s talk! Please join me for one (or all) of these fun, free events!

Visit our speaking engagements page for information about bringing The Clutter Fairy to speak to your organization or group.

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