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Speaking Engagement: Wise Women Do Internet Radio Show (January 2010)

Saturday, January 9, 2010
4:00–4:45 p.m.

Gayle Goddard, professional organizer, will be a guest on the Wise Women Do Internet radio show. Don’t let clutter or disorganization make you pay too much in income taxes. Why leave money on the table at tax time? Gayle will provide information and tools to help you get organized for tax filing and beyond. Listen in live to win a free session with Gayle.

Find out more about the show.

From the Wise Women Do web site: “Wise Women Do things on purpose to help us to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and authenticity. We will discover how to create and maintain a life that works in spite of the challenges that come our way. This show provides great tools and information to empower us to create and live the life of our dreams. We will talk with experts in the areas of goals, finances, career, relationships, organization, health, and fitness. Put your seat belts on and settle in. This is not a a show for the weak at heart. Why not be the best you possible?”

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