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Love and Stuff: Dealing with the Things Left Behind

The wonderful short film below came to me via a professional association just as I was writing material for the June meeting of the Houston Clutter Coaching Meetup Group on the topic of clutter and aging. The film by Judith Helfand tells the story of dealing with the stuff left behind after her mother died. The story is a perfect example of the situation that arises when the family is left to dismantle a lifetime of stuff after a loved one passes away.

Watch the film and tell me in the comments how you relate to it. (I’m sure that you will.)

Many thanks to Judith Helfand for sharing her story and her mother’s.

Love and Stuff by Judith Helfand

I talked about Ms. Helfand’s film in the June 2014 meetup because it expertly illustrated so many of the points I wanted to cover in the talk. You can view that talk here:

We’re Not Getting Any Younger: Clutter and Aging

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3 comments to Love and Stuff: Dealing with the Things Left Behind

  • Clutter and Aging was very helpful; enjoyed the realism of the video. Look forward to your next meetup. Please keep me on the email distribution list: pratt.l@sbcglobal.net

  • You may want to indicate that “meet-ups” are for the general public, not meetings for other professional organizers.

  • Thanks for the suggestion about the Meetup. We’ll see what we can do to make it more clear that it’s open to the public. Did you join the Meetup Group, “Houston Clutter Coaching”? That’s how we put out announcements about upcoming meetups.

    We’ll hope to see you again! Thanks, Gayle

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