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Welcome, Groupon Members!

We’re delighted to present a Groupon deal—four hours of one-on-one organizing services for $100, a 50 percent savings off the regular price! This offer is available only to first-time customers who purchase through Groupon.

If you’d like to participate in the deal, please visit the Clutter Fairy Groupon deal page, then return here to schedule your appointment. (We strongly encourage you to check that your ZIP code is within our service area before you buy the Groupon deal.)

Schedule Your Appointment

If you’ve already purchased the Groupon, all that’s left to do is schedule an appointment! You may call 713‑816‑9505, or follow these simple instructions to book your appointment online through Clickbook:

  1. Click the “book now” button below.
  2. Select an available date and time.
  3. Enter your Groupon voucher in the “3. Add comments” field.Review the terms and conditions, then enter your Groupon voucher number (found below the bar code) in the field labeled 3. Add comments. (See screen shot at right.)
  4. Sign in with your Clickbook login, or complete the New Customer Registration Form to create a free Clickbook account.
  5. Click “Submit.” You’ll receive a tentative confirmation.

As soon as we verify the availability of your appointment time, we’ll send you a confirmation message. (You’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours, and usually within 30 minutes during regular business hours.)

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16 comments to Welcome, Groupon Members!

  • Liz

    Hi! I’m in zip 77095… do you know a professional organizer in this area? Thank you! Liz

  • Sure – there are lots out your way. I’m the President of NAPO Houston, National Assn of Professional Organizers. NAPO Houston’s website has a “Find the Organizer” lookup function. You can look up people by zip code to find the person closest to you. All those listed in your area are really great people. I know all of them and you will get great service from any one of them. So, you can just choose your favorite. Check it out at http://www.napohouston.com.

    Best of luck on your organizing project! Gayle

  • Margot

    Do you service 77479? I noticed you service zip codes around 77479. Also, do you have dates for workshops & fees?

  • Hi Margot – if you send me your address privately I can look it up and see if it’s within 30 minutes. 77479 is not on the list currently because it’s such a large zip code area and much of it is too far a drive. My email is info@clutterfairyhouston.com, or you can call me at 713-816-9505.

    Thanks, Gayle

  • Melissa


    Any chance you would come to zip code 77450 (Katy area – around Masin and Highland Knolls)? I could really use your help digging my way out of a filing/paperwork nightmare!


  • Hi Melissa – it’s possible, depending on where you are in 77450. If you send me an address separately I can check it out (see my email and phone in comments above.) As long as its within a 30 minute window I can cover it. Thanks, Gayle

  • Shana

    What does the Groupon cover? Are you actually going to come in and pick up my place with me or evaluate and leave me a list of things to do? Also, is my address in your area – 11881 Gulf Pointe Dr, Houston, TX 77089? Thanks!

  • Hi Shana – Yes, I actually come in and pick up with you. We’re going to sort through things, making keep, toss and donate decisions. I take out the donations with me, and we arrange the keep things in a way that makes sense.

    Your address is right at 30 minutes, so I’m happy to come to your house.

    I look forward to meeting you! Thanks, Gayle

  • Susan


    Do you know my sister, Sandy Stelter (Strategic Organizing Solutions)? She is the NAPO National Treasurer and works out of the Bay Area. She got all the organizational genes in the family.

  • Ryan

    My mom needs some help organizing her scrapbook room. How much experience do you have with Scrapbooking? What if it takes more than 4 hours?

  • Hi Susan – I know who your sister is, although I haven’t met her. She was inducted to her new role as Treasurer on the board at the conference in April in San Diego, and I saw her at some of the meetings. She is very well known and respected in NAPO.

    I hope to meet her some day in person!

    Thanks, Gayle

  • Hi Ryan – I am a crafter myself, I make beaded jewelry. As a result I work on a lot of art studios, and it is one of the things I do better than some of my colleagues. I can safely say I am the perfect person to work with your mom’s scrapbooking materials. It will probably take longer than four hours if she has been doing it for any time at all. That means if you want more help beyond the first appointment, you can pay my regular rates for subsequent appointments – $150 for a 3 hour appt.

    I’d love to help your mom – I really like to do craft rooms and art studios!

    Thanks, Gayle

  • Tarsha

    Do you service the 77073 zip code?

  • ann marler

    Hi there …I Wish I would have found you when I was still living in Houston.. Unfortunately I lost my home there after suddenly losing my husband and at 47 am living back with my parents In their basement in a small midwest town.This is not permanent and hopefully I’ll be back to Texas soon, but in the mean time do you know anybody in Nebraska? I am in a small town called West Point In the north east corner of the state?

  • Hi Tarsha – It depends on where you are in 77073. It’s really a matter of distance. Send me an address and let me check it out for you. My email is info@clutterfairyhouston.com, or you can call me at 713-816-9505.

    Thanks, Gayle

  • Hi Ann – I’m so sorry for all your losses. I went onto napo.net for you and did a zip code search for 68788 and found this organizer within 50 miles – she’s listed in Omaha.

    Ms. Lisa J. Tonjes
    (402) 350-3220

    If you expand the search to within 100 miles, a bunch more Omaha organizers come up. I don’t understand why that is, but it seems you have a choice. One of them will be willing to come to you I’m sure. They likely travel as much as they need to reach clients. So do the same search, within 100 miles, and you can see the list of people in and around Omaha.

    Good Luck to you, and hurry home to Texas! Gayle

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