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Clutter Cash Gift Certificates

The Clutter Fairy offers an unusual and unique gift idea for anyone on your gift list—the gift of organization! Instead of more “stuff,” give a present that will help your loved one get organized: Clutter Cash gift certificates!

Clutter Cash Gift Certificates
Clutter Cash Gift Certificates are available for one‑, two‑, three‑, and four‑hour sessions. In a typical one- or two‑hour consultation, the Clutter Fairy will offer ideas and strategies for organizing one or two rooms. In a three- or four‑hour session, she can work with your friend to get a room organized, or lay out a plan for a more ambitious declutterizing project.

No matter how she chooses to apply the Clutter Fairy magic, your friend will end up with a less‑cluttered space, and that means more free time and less stress.

If you’re the one with a clutter problem, why not let friends and family know you’d like Clutter Cash gift certificates for a birthday or special occasion?

For more information or to buy Clutter Cash Gift Certificates, call 713‑816‑9505, send e‑mail (let us know the best way and time to reach you), or use the form below to order online and pay by credit card or PayPal. (Order will be delivered by U.S. mail or call if you’d like to make other arrangements for delivery.)

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